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SHEEKA-PEE Farms is a registered firm whose agribusiness option is engaged in commercial farming of cassava, cashew, mango, coco and oil palm in the Bono East Region of Ghana.

We have done our detailed market research and feasibility studies and we were able to secure a well-situated and suitable for irrigation, a 1,850-acre farmland and another 250-acre land in the Cheranda and Kintampo South District respectively, all in the Bono East Region where the major stream in the region passes through the farmland to start our commercial cassava farm. Our Vision is to become the leading commercial cassava cultivation, cassava leaves processing, cassava starch, flour and animal feed production brand not just in Ghana but also on the global stage.

Cassava alone contributes about 25% of agricultural GDP in Ghana for food or domestic purposes but its industrial processing and utilization has been very limited. There is the great potential for cassava starch for industrial use and cassava flour replacing imported food item like wheat flour, which is used in bakery products and extenders in glue for plywood and paperboard manufacturing worldwide.