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current and future projects

SHEEKA-PEE Farms has a small scaled Cassava Chips/flour Factory.

The factory is capable of producing around 3 to 5 tons of chips/flour per day (1600TPY). We have room to scale up in the near future. Our factory is the only small scale processing factory in the area. 

factory location

Koforidua, Eastern Region

Construction Completion and operational Date

Construction will be finished by January 2022 and fully operational by February 2022.

SHEEKA-PEE Farms is currently in the works of constructing a 6000TPY (Tons Per Year) Cassava Starch Factory and farm machinery/equipment, upgrade of existing Cassava Chips/flour Factory, farm machineries, 2100 acres of cassava cultivation in the Kintampo South District, Bono East Region.

This cassava project is in partnership with TIAST West Africa Group, Ghana to provide the complete factory setup, Agric machineries/equipment and a 3 year contract on operation and maintenance of the factory on one part and the Stanbic Bank of Ghana to provide 80% facility loan to Sheeka-Pee Farms as the other part of the collective agreement. Sheeka-Pee Farms is now seeking for an investor/financier to provide the remaining 20% of the facility loan plus the cultivation and operational costs to keep the factory running (24/7) for one year. Off-taker agreement has been signed with TIAST to export all the factory products (mainly starch) to China immediately after production at the prevailing international cost per ton.

factory location

Kintampo South District, Bono East Region


TBD - Once we acquire the 20%, construction of the factory will take 9 to 10 months to be fully completed and operational.

cassava flour sheekapee

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